1. I just find it so funny because I’m down here and I’m being exposed to people from all different walks of life who come from all over the world and yet I start falling for the dude from Long Island did I not always say that this would happen

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    Time is a flat circle.

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    Contemporary Resort (by simplytraveldirect)

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  4. I like this boy so much this is terrible


  7. I think one of my favorite parts about being here is that every day changes my life. With each new day comes a new experience or a new face or a new memory, and I love it so much.
    I’ve wanted this for practically my entire life, and I have it. I’m working in my dream world, and I even got lucky enough to be working in my dream location. And each day is better than the one before. The people I work with are absolutely wonderful. Once you’ve passed your assessment, you’re in. They’re all so inclusive and sweet, and they’re all comfortable telling you things, even if you hardly know each other. There’s a really strong camaraderie that comes with being a skipper.
    Everyone said that after a few days, I’d be tired of being on the boats spieling. But honestly, every boat trip makes me love it even more. It’s still my favorite place in rotation. More than anything else, I love to make people smile. Thinking about the fact that I may be creating memories that people always remember in the same way that I remember all of my Disney trips leaves me feeling so fulfilled. I want to make a difference. And here, even in some small way, I feel like I am.
    Everything is really coming together. It’s all starting to make sense. Everything in my life has led me here. I’ll never be able to understand how life could be this wonderful. But I’ll take it.

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    Disney Dreams!

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    Hills of Yellow (by lwlauhk)

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    1950s college students

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